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ThinkGo provides a business growth platform for B2B tech startups to guide accelerated adoption of their products and services into their market.

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Accelerating B2B Tech Startups' Growth


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"Datagems was subscribing to and paying for Facebook ads and leads but the Growth Velocity Diagnostics showed me that that's not where my Target Customer niche market was. So, I stopped the ads and redirected my marketing efforts to curate an audience in my niche who was responsive to my messaging and CTAs." 
Scott Elliot, CEO / Founder


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We help entrepreneurs pioneer ideas that work. 

ThinkGo provides the most complete business acceleration platform for B2B tech startups to ignite and propel adoption of their products and services into their market. 

Our clients are primarily B2B technology based businesses, their institutional investors (angels, VCs and PEs) and accelerators, and large enterprises launching new B2B technology products to market.  

Our vision is to be the de facto business growth accelerator solution trusted by B2B tech startups and their investors to achieve early majority market adoption and 10x+ valuation.      
Our tools and approaches leverage proven software business design, product development and niche market adoption methods, made practical by our team of former founders and senior leaders of both successful and failed tech based startups, scaleups, and enterprises.

As entrepreneurial explorers ourselves who invent the future for business models and products, we thrive in high risk and high uncertainty business environments.

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